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Tax Certification

Tax certification refers to certify the compliance of the financial statements and tax returns prepared by sworn-in certified public accountants for individuals and entities or the enterprises and establishments, with the provisions specified in the legislation, the accounting principles and standards, and further to certify that the accounts have been inspected under the auditing standards. The audit results are submitted to public institutions and establishments in a report sealed by a sworn-in certified public accountant.

Full certification procedures carried out by sworn-in certified public accountants and auditing of financial statements, legal books, and documents according to tax legislation, preparation of reports as a result of these audits, correction of errors detected during audits, checking whether income tax and corporate tax returns comply with the tax legislation and certification as a result of audits reports are prepared.

Bilgener provides these services under tax certification services:

  • The full attestation of corporate tax and income tax declarations, (Tax Certification)
  • The certification of Value Added Tax (VAT) returns,
  • The certification of and reporting on incentives, discounts, exceptions, and exemptions,
  • The review and certification of exceptions and exemptions for associations and foundations,
  • SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) identification reports,
  • R&D reports,
  • RTUK (Radio Television Supreme Board) reports,
  • Reduced Special Consumption Tax (SCT-ÖTV) attestation report,
  • Reports related to transferring internal resources to capital accumulations,
  • Special purpose reports,
  • All reviews, audits, and certification processes that sworn-in certified public accountants have the authority to undertake following local regulations.

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