Notifications of Foreign Capital Companies and Liaison Offices in May

Foreign investor is defined in the 2nd article of Foreign Direct Investments Law No 4875. Accordingly, foreign investors:

1-) Real persons who possess foreign nationality and Turkish nationals resident abroad, and

2-) Foreign legal entities established under the laws of foreign countries and international institutions,

who make foreign direct investment in Turkey.

Some notification obligations for foreign capital companies and their branches are regulated under Regulation for Implementation of Foreign Direct Investment Law published in the Official Gazette dated 20.08.2003 and numbered 25205. 

Accordingly, foreign capital companies and their brancher are obliged to fill and register Annex-1 Activity Information Form for Foreign Direct Investments according to their activities to Electronic Incentive Application and Foreign Capital Information System (E-TUYS) accessed via the website of the Ministry of Industry and Technology (Ministry).

In addition, the liaison offices of these companies in Turkey are required to send the Annex-4 Information Form on the Activities of Liaison Offices and other required documents regarding the previous year’s activities of the office to the Ministry until the end of May.

Time extension requests of liaison offices that did not make notifications would not be evaluated and their operating licenses would be canceled ex officio.

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